Test Analyst – Software Testing

To tell you a little about my job.

My job title is: system test analyst.

It means that I test software when it is on specific systems. Google Chrome & Internet Explorer are examples of systems and software is tested to make sure that it will work on those systems correctly.

How do we know if it works?

In order to know if the software is working correctly functionality specifications are created based on what the software is required for. Many test cases are written based on the specifications and the test analyst then compares the test case, specification and software and makes sure that the computer is showing what is supposed to be at each point. This is one of the aspects I have found that I am good at, part of having aspergers, for me, is that I am able to quickly compare the display to the document and interpret what has gone wrong.

What do we do if something goes wrong?

Once a tester finds that there is a discrepancy between the software and the specification a defect is raised to tell the developers (code writers) how and where the problem can be found so that they can replicate it. This requires a detailed description of what was done in order to produce the error and what section of the software was not working.

A very simple example of defect reporting would be:
I was fighting the third boss (where in the software I am) I was using a bow and when I shot an arrow at the bossĀ (what I did to produce the error) it came back and hit my character in the knee (what the defect is).

Well I wont be adventuring any more but you can see the three basic things you need in order to report a defect. In some cases the defect can be something small and difficult to reproduce thus it is important to pay attention to the specifics of what occurred in the lead up to the defect. One thing I have noticed in myself and my aspie colleagues is their attention to little details which has been invaluable in finding and reporting defects so that they are able to be corrected.

What happens once the code has been fixed?

Once the developers have looked over and fixed the defect the test is simply rerun to confirm that the issue is closed.

This covers one side of a test analyst’s job, a job that I believe people on the Autism Spectrum would excel in.

My walk through life: Part 1

How did I make it here? From as early as I can remember I have been slightly different from all of my siblings and friends. I have always been analytic in my approach to life and was very good at mathematics, for example I did grade 10 maths in year 7 of school.

From year 10 I decided that I would go to university and that I was going to study engineering. I was single minded in my pursuit of this goal. Choosing the courses and achieving the grades that I would need to get into university. My gift with numbers and analysis, which was part of my version of Aspergers contributed a lot to my success in school and again in university.

I was able to pursue university studies with minimal distraction and achieve good grades due to the mathematical and analytic nature of the engineering course. My favorite moment was graduating with First class honours in my bachelor of engineering.

Living with Asperges has helped me to focus on my education and achieve good results.

One of the reasons for starting this blog is to show people with and without aspergers what is achievable by those of us with the gifts given to us through being on the autism spectrum.

A starting point

OK where to start.

I am a software tester in Hewlett Packard.

I work closely with a group of 10 others on the Autism Spectrum and five Non-Autistic people.
As a software tester my job is to ensure a computer program works correctly to the specifications handed down by the stakeholders. This requires an ability to pick up on small details.

As an Aspie I have the ability to concentrate on small details which has enabled me to quickly pick up the skills required to do software testing.

This job has helped me to learn more about how my mind works, and to get to know others with my condition.

Software Testing would suit people on the Autism Spectrum because it uses the abilities that we all posses: attention to small details, concentration on tasks that areĀ repetitive, and the ability to remember and recall large amounts of information.

Thanks for reading