My walk through life: Part 1

How did I make it here? From as early as I can remember I have been slightly different from all of my siblings and friends. I have always been analytic in my approach to life and was very good at mathematics, for example I did grade 10 maths in year 7 of school.

From year 10 I decided that I would go to university and that I was going to study engineering. I was single minded in my pursuit of this goal. Choosing the courses and achieving the grades that I would need to get into university. My gift with numbers and analysis, which was part of my version of Aspergers contributed a lot to my success in school and again in university.

I was able to pursue university studies with minimal distraction and achieve good grades due to the mathematical and analytic nature of the engineering course. My favorite moment was graduating with First class honours in my bachelor of engineering.

Living with Asperges has helped me to focus on my education and achieve good results.

One of the reasons for starting this blog is to show people with and without aspergers what is achievable by those of us with the gifts given to us through being on the autism spectrum.

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